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  • Mean first passage time in a thermally fluctuating viscoelastic fluid

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July 24th, 2010 was a normal day for most people. They got up in the morning, brushed their teeth and went about their business. For some, it may have been the best day of their life. For others, the worst. Some 6.9 billion people were alive on that day. Each with their own story, their own fears, their own dreams and challenges. But this day was special.


I’m back in North Carolina after an exciting week of conferences and meeting many new people working in mathematical biology throughout the world. It started with the Utah math bio alumni meeting in honor of Jim Keener’s 70th birthday, which I briefly mentioned last week, and was followed by SMB’s annual meeting. Both were held in Salt Lake City, UT. I really love being back in Utah, even if it’s only for a little while.


The past few days I was at the Utah Math Bio Alumni Conference. It was great being back at my alma mater surrounded by so many talented mathematicians and scientists, but more on that next week when I’ll write about my conference experience (I’ll also be at SMB this week). What I want to write about today are some thoughts I’ve had on chalk talks. Prior to their talks a lot of presenters took a few minutes to reminisce about their experiences with Utah math bio.


This past month has been rather exciting due to a visit by OSU graduate student Vishwa Teja Kasoju. He is a student in the Mechanical & Aerospace engineering PhD program as part of Dr. Santhanakrishnan’s lab. Vishwa visited both UNC and Duke to get some footage of thrips flight and Mantis shrimp escape behaviors. My undergraduate student Kristen Armel and I assisted Vishwa in some of his thrips collecting and filming.



IBM Geometry Creation

Software to automatically create meshes for IB2d and IBAMR from image files.

Tiny Insect Flight

We are interested in the aerodynamics of tiny insect flight, especially passive flight behaviors in thrips.


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  • Spring 2018 BCB 718 (Computational Modeling Laboratory), teaching assistant.

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  • Fall 2017 MATH 232 (Calculus II), recitation leader.
  • Fall 2016 MATH 564 (Math Modeling in the Life Sciences), teaching assistant.
  • Summer 2016 MATH 110 (College Algebra), instructor on record.
  • Spring 2016 MATH 232 (Calculus II), recitation leader.
  • Fall 2015 MATH 231 (Calculus I), recitation leader.


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